Vanilla - Moonlight

UK based hip-hop and electronic producer Vanilla is back from a two year hiatus, they brought us a gift with the latest production Moonlight. This latest project, fully loaded with nineteen tracks is ideal easy listening music. We proud to present to you the first vinyl release of Vanilla!

This album is perfect for just hitting play and letting it shuffle as you clean up your room, go for a drive, or relax after work. These beats are smooth, jazzy, and in many ways indescribable. The album is complete with funk, jazz, electronic as well as ambient samples. The rhythms are at times steady and pulsating, and otherwise soaring and harmonic. 'Moonlight' is the follow up to 2015's 'Origin', featuring a selection of instrumentals made from funk, jazz, electronic and ambient samples.

Dren76 It's absolutely one of the greatest mysteries in life how Vanilla can make such long albums with these instrumentals and have each track flow so well. The song structures here are so satisfying! Smooth and flavorful, Vanilla once again furthers his sound and crafts another well constructed hour's worth of meditative and transcendent music. Favorite track: Fusion.

Make sure you read the full interview with him over at our friends site Stereofox, it can be found here. And make sure to follow him on social media including the streaming services you prefer.

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