Blue Canariñho at LOUDHOUSE

🇬🇧Blue Canarinho at Loudhouse - 13 Minute exclusive set.

Stay Cool link up with loudhouse for some very special smoke sessions. 2nd up is Blue sets the bar with this smoke session, from mellow grime to electronic to hip hop. This one got all genres covered. 100% OG content from Blue himself.

For you, that's not familiar with Stay Cool it's a collective put together by the great Sean Gran, we met up with in London during March this year, at the current radio station he was working at, but now he's fully focusing on the collective and spreading his wonderful compilation albums. You really need to make sure to check them out as well - i'll make sure to link the first one, and you can go ahead and continue discover the 2nd and 3rd after, if you're feeling the vibes!

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