Max I Million - 'The Lost Bangers' (Album)

Official Artwork for the album.

We have been blessed with a full album of collected gems and fresh ones from the producer and composer located in Stockholm, Sweden, known for his stunning and swift skills on the MPC. He recently joined forces with everyone that visited Copenhagen and submitted the Jazzspasm beat into the compilation that got released on all platforms yesterday. And today we're honored to be sharing his album named 'The Lost Bangers' which is a collection of tracks you might have heard priorly in different contexts, but have never been properly distributed until today! If you take a closer look at the track list, and if you've been listening to Hip Hop for a while, you can notice there are some really influential names on there.. So get ready to press play and get your head nodding! You can't afford to snooze on this one, such a great record!"

"The track "Bang Ya Head" was made in 2013 and the process was filmed for a beat making video. This material was lost in a computer crash, but was recently found on an external hardrive after the tragic passing of DJ Devastate. Hence the name The Lost Bangers.

01. Max I Million - Emphasize The Beat
02. Max I Million - Bang Ya Head
03. Max I Million - Straight Razor ft. Hus KingPin & SmooVth
04. Max I Million - Fifty 5 Nine ft. Prolifical & Planet Asia
05. Max I Million - Euphoria ft. Kastaway
06. Max I Million - Dopeness ft. Prolifical
07. Max I Million - Bounce Academy
08. Max I Million - Phonk
09. Max I Million - The Real ft. Anterluz & Kastaway
10. Max I Million - Supa ft. Hus KingPin & SmooVth
11. Max I Million - Intergalactic Love (Remix) ft. Hygher Baby
12. Max I Million - A Decade In The Dust
13. Max I Million - Rockin On
14. Max I Million - Movements ft. PA & Kev Brown
15. Max I Million - Raindrops
16. Max I Million - Last Round ft. Prolifical

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