Beasty P - Momentous

I'm so honored of sharing the debut album from the producer & composer from Belarus, Minsk who goes under the alias 'Beasty P' official member of the roster. He released his EP 'No Neva' during 2018 which received lots of love from fans all over the world, hitting 100.000 plays on the 'Let's Smoke' single with the Sean Price vocal cuts. Today we're so happy to be showing you all his album 'Momentous' that has been a collection of only new beats made during this year.

Photo by: Denis Samsonov

He told me, we needed to set a vision and future for his project, so he decided that an album was the way to go, and it would be more of a mellow vibe, for you to be playing while having a smoke, a walk in the park or just chill to while being at home. The project contains 9 stunning beats, with that crisp classic Beasty P sound you've started to take notice of, and if you remember i hinted this when we published the 'LES' single during this year.  

Also! If you are near Minsk, or have your ways around Belarus. Beasty P is actually hosting shows in his home city, playing beats from across the world, showcasing them to the audience there each weekend. Make sure to also follow him on social media, i'll make sure to add the links.

01. Beasty P - Proschenie
02. Beasty P - Cuz I'm A Criminal
03. Beasty P - Boo Ya
04. Beasty P - Dreams (Feat. MVLI)
05. Beasty P - I Live
06. Beasty P - No, No
07. Beasty P - Blunted
08. Beasty P - HSHPRN
09. Beasty P - Les

Watch the full interview with him on Smart Beats

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