Beat Sessions - Episode 03

The third episode of Season 05 is here! One full amazing hour with beat makers across the globe we really enjoy listening to. Hosted by the great Jeff Haight this week! Make sure to check his recent episodes out and also his projects.

Each month, our Beat Sessions series takes you on an journey into the beat scene with our mixes showcasing the kaleidoscopic sounds of the global underground. Curated by our resident host Cesium Swimsuit, each Beat Session blends a selection of genre-defying beats into a soulful and mellow hour of music. The show also regularly features guest mixes from talented artists and tastemakers all over the globe sharing their own unique sounds and playlists. Live broadcasts take place weekly at 3PM EST via Frission Radio, and episodes are later archived on Soundcloud, iTunes and Mixcloud.

Fitz & Suppe - Funkaholic
Bresil x Soft Eyes - Blues
Illingsworth - You're No Fun
B - Side - Pen Anubis
Paul Wilbury - OwdFxlks
Yutaka Hirasaka - Sugar
Late Night Radio - Find the Love (feat. Borahm Lee)
Idealism - Illusions
Hm Surf - Rito
Paul Wilbury - Just (exclusive track)
Borealism - Dragon Wave
GrumpySnorlax - Float
Human Centerpiece - Dormin
Behind Clouds - A World You May Not Understand (feat. Kuranes)
Sar.Casm - Ariamis
LeVirya - Snug Fire
Late Night Radio - Sunday Stroll (feat. Clark Smith & Wildabeast)
Human Centerpiece - Life
Nomenclature - Fades

Full information regarding track submissions and guest hosting opportunities can be found on the submissions page.

High quality (320 kbps) Mp3's with artist and title labeled. Each week a playlist of these sessions will be added into our Beat Sessions Spotify Playlist.


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