The Equation Beats - Es Un Viernes

Between Engineering and music production, he found his own essence by producing a type of Hip Hop called Boom Bap. Nowadays he’s part of a group of producers called Medellin Producers City (MPC) and one of the best Hip Hop producers of Boom Bap of Medellín city. Soon he will be releasing two projects; an instrumental album of 10 tracks, and an album he’s producing for the rap group Arrieroz.

Official album cover.

Sound itself is a continuous wave; it is an analog signal. This means that one cannot detect the precise moment the pitch changes. Capturing this continuous wave in its entirety requires an analog recording system; what the microphone receives is exactly what's written onto the vinyl disk or cassette. Analog is believed to be the true representation of the sound at the moment it was recorded. Es Un Viernes instrumental album was created with different methods where you can get a analog and dirty sound. Es Un Viernes , Instrumental album prod by The Equation Beats and Leokohimbra, a lot of can go down with some beats between Thursday and Friday, all the tracks were produced with a MPC2000xl MPC4000 MPC1000 SP 404A and a Moog sub 37.

01. If It Ain't Sugary It Ain't No Good
02. Hooka
03. Mr.Abdul Jabbar
04. No Fresh No Clean
05. Frozen Beers
06. Invisible Fighting
07. Doggie Love
08. Money Stack
09. Big Worm
10. Don't Cross The Line
11. Don't Feed My Cat
12. Higher Room
13. Billy Got The Keys
14. The Asher

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