Boukas - The Coffee Tape

I'm very honored to share the new album that Boukas has been working on for the last couple of months. This time, it's a total new approach of the vision he had for the beats. Read the full information down below to understand more of what he had in mind for this project. Including a collaboration with co-member ØDYSSEE.

This tape is the project iʼve been working on since the release of my album ”The Setting”. Itʼs a collection of beats with a jazzy, autumn vibe I have created during this fall. All the songs on the tape represent a different cup of coffee during the day. For example you start off with ”The First One” and then you go through your day with different situations all the way to ”The Last One”. Basically, there's always time for a coffee break. I always try to paint a picture with my music, and I visualize different environments while creating. The cover is painted on a canvas by my girlfriend, Isabelle de Brito.

Photo of all 3 recent cover artworks painted on canvas. 

The motive is the view from my window and she really caught the vibe of the surroundings I had making this tape. Isabelle has created the cover of my previous 4 releases (Space Travel EP, Flying Mood and the Setting, the last one we painted together). All the covers hang on my walls at home. Much love to the beat family. - Boukas

Stream & Download here.

01. Boukas - The First One
02. Boukas - The Cheeky One
03. Boukas - Capuccino ft. ØDYSSEE
04. Boukas - The Cafe
05. Boukas - The Wise One
06. Boukas - Coffee Break Interlude ft. Cam The Downrocka
07. Boukas - Another One
08. Boukas - The Afterwork
09. Boukas - Metropolis
10. Boukas - City Walking
11. Boukas - The Reflection
12. Boukas - The Last One

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