AC3 - Nostalgia

Ultimately, I wanted to create a project that people from my generation could vibe out to, and think back on to the good 'ol days when life was simple and more joyful."—AC3Beats on his new instrumental album, Nostalgia

While AC3Beats might be a new name to some of you, chances are you have heard his productions before. The Pomona native has worked with Curren$y, Bizarre, Kokane, Brotha Lyng Hung, Kevin Gates and Trizz, to name a few. However, with his new project Nostalgia, he shifts his focus towards his instrumental game.

The 17 track release offers a wide variety of styles, ranging from sample based Boom Bap through well-polished Trap sounds. The common denominator is the nostalgic essence, hinted through video game samples derived from the 90's console era, as well as an overall classic soundscape that undeniably makes you want to kick back in the couch and enjoy the moment.

Official Artwork

"I keep reminiscing on simpler times when life was not so stressful and messy, and the first thoughts I go to are when I was a kid in the 90's. When life was easy and all we had were each other. I wanted to create that feel good vibe with this project for those who are going through hard times and need a reminder of better times. or for those who just want to smoke a blunt and kick some rhymes."

As far as beats go, AC3 cites J Dilla, Madlib, DOOM, Nujabes, Flying Lotus, Lord Finesse and Pete Rock as some of his major influences, which shines through on this album with jazzy tunes like "Midnight Life" and "One - Nine - Nine - Three". On the other end of the spectrum we hear a more contemporary approach with synthesizers and 808 drums on tracks like "Knock Knock" and "Sunsets". The result is a skillful demonstration of versatility and a genuine conveyance of sentiment without the use of words.

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"Nostalgia" drops today on Dutch label Below Systems Records and is available now through all digital retailers

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