Loop.holes - Loopstrumentals

Official Artwork.

The legendary loop.holes crew blessed us with a powerful and relaxed kick start for 2019. Loopstrumentals is a selection of their works from the past decade. Some tracks root back to the early SoundCloud  daze, where the whole instrumental hip hop renaissance started, some tracks are freshly mixed in their lab. Either way, these guys have always been a huge inspiration to the blunt shelter crew, so releasing this gem feels completely unreal and elevating. Just like their beats.

The Loop.holes Crew.

Loop.holes started in 2013 when 5 friends (Type.Raw, Loot Fattig, Filliboom, Marshtini & Henc) and musicians from Norway started to produce music together. All with a fellow passion for jazz, soul and especially the 90's Hip-Hop phenomenon Boom Bap. After producing on several classic Hip Hop Albums, The group finally released they're first debut albums "Back In Bap" & "Loungin" in 2018 which has sold over 500 + Vinyls and has achieved millions of streams.

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