Moose Dawa - The Swap EP

I'm so happy, to finally share this beautiful piece of music produced & composed by the talented Moose Dawa from Malmö, Sweden. We've been in the talks for this since the summer of 18' and now it's finally here! A EP filled with dreamy vibes & hazy atmosphere. Featuring the Dutch producer Deeb who's on the last track named 'Bluesette'. Moose Dawa actually traveled to the Netherlands to finalize the track with him.

Artwork: Illustration: Waahiid Edits: Luciano Brougham

For me, i really think all of the tracks compliment each other, to make it a journey, because i have personally changed my mind on what the favorite beat is on this EP many times, i'm really impressed by how he managed to create such a balance & interesting vibe with all beats.  

Moose Dawa: 'The Swap! Everything goes around like a circle. From the records we get our hands on, to the beats we make from sampling the past into the present. We swap ideas, thoughts & vibrations among each other to inspire & hopefully generate a creative energy to feed on. That energy can sometimes come in very spontaneous ways and create small bits & pieces of what you felt at that moment.'

I've attached a preview down below, please feel free to check it out. And if you press here you'll be directed to what service you prefer.

Release Notes:
All tracks produced & mixed by Moose Dawa except track 6 with co-production & mix by Deeb.  Mastered by Philanthrope, except track 6 by Deeb.

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