If you're a daily listener to KLIM (Kiev, Ukraine) you notice there's a lot of material that's been released that he made during a couple of years ago that was only available on Bandcamp. He wanted to make sure, all of his favorite albums were listed on the streaming services, and now you can find Anteater, Childhood, Fireflies, Visions and Dusty there. A huge collection of beats that's been produced and composed by himself. Press here to get directed to the catalog and scroll down to see all of them listed.

'The Hidden' album will be available on Vinyl 12" during this upcoming month and here's the artwork underneath. You will be able to pre-order it on qrates website.
I will share all the links via social media.

About: Composing beats and producing on the MPC 2000XL - A well known name in Kiev, Ukraine. Blending styles from that classical NYC 90's sound into uplifting 80's era type of sound. KLIM - has showed us that he has no problem in mastering the art of beats. With over 25 albums and multiple collaborations with rappers - he's still delivering new material on a monthly basis. Attending shows each week on clubs in his hometown Kiev.  

Vinyl 12" Artwork: Luciano Brougham 

01. Lifetime
02. Baby I Love You
03. Let Me In
04. So Good
05. Word Up
06. Manhattan
07. Malibu
08. Jingle
09. Skit
10. New York
11. Summery
12. Trip
13. Uh
14. Tryst
15. Wish You Well
16. WUFC

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