Cap Kendricks - Melancholia

Artwork: Nicolas Yun Christmann

"Hotel Melancholia“ it says in big yellow letters on top of a hotel covered in blue hour dusk in which Cap Kendricks welcomes his listeners.

No corny decoration, just dusty hotel rooms smelling like cold smoke and hazy memories who have been caught by faded curtains and old carpets.
The producer and songwriter provides a 30 minute soundtrack for melancholic thoughts and stories for guests in this atmospheric place on earth rarely
touched by sun. On his latest release, Cap Kendricks once again proofs how well he combines vocal samples, timeless synth/keys and straight forward drums to establish that recognizable sound.

This diversity of samples and sounds converts his fourth instrumental release into a calming yet powerful piece of music which guides through the shorter days of the year. Until there are brighter days ahead Cap delivers shelter from the storm for restless souls at "Hotel Melancholia“. Maybe, we run into each other smoking a cigarette on the balcony or drinking whiskey at the hotel bar. Maybe, maybe not.
"Hotel Melancholia“ by Cap Kendricks can be found on all digital streaming services.

Cap Kendricks is a Munich based hip-hop producer, who released music on labels like Melting Pot Music, Chillhop Records, KO-OP, estro.collective , VinDig and KEATS / His instrumental works are a rich mix of analogue sounds mixed with synths. Cap knows how to create deep atmospheres, sometimes melancholic, sometimes bouncy, with great care to detail. He also worked with some
of Germanys finest MCs.

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