KLIM - Dusty Buttons

Official Artwork - Dusty Buttons

When i spoke to KLIM - in late 2018. He told me, 2019 is going to be the most productive and active year he's ever experienced. He decided to push the beat making to a whole other level. And this is true in so many ways. He's traveling the world, without a huge language barrier, making beats, meeting up with people from all corners basically. He has now five full albums out since the start of January 1st. We're getting blessed by a album containing a stunning amount of 17 exclusive beats that's never been heard before. The artwork is crisp as always, and the plans for new material is already on it's way. I can't honestly express myself how impressed i am of his work flow right now. The album can be bought in a gold colored vinyl (Limited Edition) at his page here.

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