Beat Sessions - Episode 01 Season 06 with Yutaka Hirasaka.

Season 06.

The first episode of the ‘Beat Sessions’ new season six presented by Jeff Haight who is also the part of the Ninetofive Records will feature the special guest mix by Tokyo based Yutaka Hirasaka.

Yutaka Hirasaka is a Tokyo based guitarist, composer and producer who has released numerous digital and vinyl albums independently and via Inner Ocean Records and Orikami Records. His music sounds like a chilled evening with your dearest friends which goes deep into your memories forever. Dreamy and melodic nostalgia guitar riffs are been mixed with jazzy beats and electronic atmospheric backgrounds, which is perfect for a laid out leisure time.

Yutaka has also just released his new album ‘elements’, which is already available for a purchase on Bandcamp and streaming via Soundcloud and Apple Music. Thank you for joining us on this first episode, we are very thankful. We got a new guest coming up for the second episode which i'm very sure you're going to be super excited about!

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