NINETOFIVE® - Rotterdam 79A

Watch the full video recap recorded by KLIM during the stay.

The first compilation made together by members - when meeting up in the world to create and produce tracks. This amazing piece that's been released has been made as a collaborative project by Beasty P, ODYSSEE, Gonza and KLIM. The idea was to go in a city which was not too far for each member, and since me and Odyssee met up in Rotterdam we thought it was a great idea to go to the same place we stayed in the last time.

We recorded audio all around the city, took great photos, spent time with each other, even though there was a big language barrier between us we had such a great time. Sometimes we forget, when we are sitting at home producing, chatting or sending e-mails it's really important to meet up and share ideas, visions and create together. The process goes so much faster and you can immediately do quick fixes and changes that would take a lot more time if you didn't spend the time together.

I thought to myself being there, i really couldn't imagine this happening when i started the movement - to bring people together, flying over countries to meet up and producing music - collaborating and getting new friends. I'm really impressed by the end result of this release, since i think all beats has a certain vibe that was very fitting to the time being there. The income of this release makes will be invested in the next upcoming trip with members from the crew and i hope to do the visit but in a different city.

I'd like to thank all producers that took their time, traveled for hours & made the project come to life. Also a big shout out to the staff of chillhop for letting us drop by and visit the studio and work space.

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