Sup Nasa - She Made Me Buy An Orange Hat

Official Artwork - She Made Me Buy An Orange Hat

He says he's a 90's kid: willing to do everything, able to do the half of it but still not a musician. Full music enthusiast, Sup Nasa gives form to different galaxies of vibes, that lead to continuous  changes in his catalog. Believing in music and hip hop as a supreme way of living life, he aims to spread his love and conscious through music, hoping that listeners will be glad to listen to him.

I'm so honored to be sharing Sup Nasa's latest release. He's one of the earliest members of the movement and i couldn't express how unique i think his style is. He always adds a bit of a story to the release and it's the same this time - here's what he had to say about his new release.

'Everyone keeps stressing me on why I have this strange colored hat, like they are not used to unusual things.  In this project I tried something unusual: new sounds, mixed styles, new colors, but still me.'

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Limited Edition Cassette (Available Now)

We've also decided to join forces with the label Resilenza Records located in Bitonto, Italy to print a limited edition cassette which can be found here.

01. Plant Patience Ft. Gianluca Aceto
02. Happy Birthday Ft. Gianluca Aceto
03. Deep Down Inside
04. Maybe
05. A Couple Of Minutes

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