Remember Me - A production by ØDYSSEE & Saib Feat. Seb Zillner

ØDYSSEE, Saib, Seb Zillner

I'm very excited to be sharing this collaboration, such a beautiful song composed by ØDYSSEE, Saib and Seb Zillner. The song will invite you to the summer that's coming along, positive vibes, uplifting sound and such a warm feeling to it. I'm so happy to see these talented people link up and make a stunning piece of track.

ØDYSSEE, describe himself as a vibe provider. Living in Paris, he delivers us high quality music since 2015. Inspired by many styles of music, from Jazz to Beat masters, he likes to deal with colors and specific universes in his sounds. He can't imagine music without colors, he always imagine his music with universes, its important for him to project his music and himself into special worlds. "You can imagine a song watching a painting, you can also imagine a painting listening to music". "Inspiration is everywhere".

Historically Casablanca has been known as a global melting pot; a place where cultures mingle and fuse. This quality is evident in the dazzling music of Casablanca-based beat maker and guitarist saib. Hip-Hop beats form the backbone of saib’s musical palette skips from jazz flavors to lounge experiments to Asian textures… and sometimes even within a single track.

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Seb Zillner’s carefully crafted melodies and beautiful solo passages, paired with a strong sense of rhythm, create the backbone of his sought after musical style. Born in Salzburg, Austria he is now based in Los Angeles, collaborating with artists internationally and manifesting his sonic identity. He has recorded and performed with Questlove, Michael Bublé, Xavier Omär, 14KT, Markus Stockhausen and Jim McNeely, amongst many others. Seb Zillner's musical instrument repertoire includes Saxophone, Flute, Duduk and Piano.

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