Beasty P - Zenith

Official Artwork

I'm so happy to be sharing this new album titled 'Zenith' from the talented producer and composer located in Minsk, Belarus. He decided to work hard after the trip we had to Rotterdam and how his second album on the catalog is ready to be published! The style & sound of this piece, is both uplifting but also deep in some way, he really succeeded in giving the album some depth. The inspiration, is pretty clear, it's jazz, funk and lo-fi blended together and it creates such a groovy setup for you to listen to. We've talked a lot about upcoming steps, and he's always learning new techniques and spending time in the studio to advance in his production skill. You can clearly tell there's a difference in this tape, from the first release. You're inspiring a lot of people with the work-flow and also your vision of always getting better.

If you're nearby Minsk in Belarus - Beasty P is almost every weekend active in the DJ scene and hosting shows with other beat makers, DJ's and people involved in the hip-hop movement. It's growing more and more, but it's very different than any other city. We discussed this while we spent time in Rotterdam for the collaboration project. The scene of beat making is small, but starting to rise and he is definitely part of the first established producer groups there.  

01. Lonely Star
02. Hooked Pt. 2
03.  Vision
04. Jazzied Clouds
05. Dust And Wisdom
06. Zenith
07. Distance To Nowhere
08. Among People
09. God's Act
10. Memories

I truly hope you'll vibe out to this release as we do, and remember to show some love if you're appreciating his new sound. Have a great start of the summer and blessings from the whole crew! /Luciano.

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