DJ Large - So Far So Good (DVSG Exclusive)

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All hail the Beat!

We’ve always been in love with beats so Cosmic and Embee sat down this winter to figure out a nice setting to put some more shine on the instrumental side of things.We came up with this new concept called 93 Feet Beats and the grand launch will be this very May!

The idea is to put the producer and the beat maker in the front, so all 93 Feet Beats albums are strictly instrumental with styles varying from Boom Bap to lo­fi with lots ofsoul. We will also release these albums on cassettes in true beat tape fashion.

What about the name?

The running time of the 93 Feet Beats albums will be around 20 minutes and if you would physically roll out one of these tapes, the length would be 93 feet (according to our dear cassette manufacturer). And we’re also kind of in love with the year 1993.

First in line is our ultra talented friend and long time DVSG associate DJ Large, releasing his first ever solo album, entitled So Far So Good. A stirring collection of airy, enchanting gems that will take you on a journey conducted by that fellow’s significant style and love for the soulful fonk! It will be available on all digital streaming services May 17th.

DJ Large ­ a true legend within the Swedish Hip Hop circuit. 25 years deep in the business of beat making and DJ:ing, yet this is his album debut as a solo artist! DJ Large has been awarded DJ of The Year and produced music for numerous notable international acts. Large has been touring extensively around Europe, doing shows with artists like EPMD, Looptroop Rockers, Timbuktu and has opened up shows as a solo DJ for Action Bronson, Mos Def and M.O.P to name a few.

So Far So Good truly showcases his studio skills whilst delivering addictive, timeless gems. Contemporary beat­wizardry mixed with a sound deeply rooted in 90’s Hip Hop makes it your perfect companion in headphones and speakers alike. Beats as suited for the pre­party as the nocturnal ride back home.

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This is the story behind the DVSG - Between the years of 1992-2000, the group worked hard to independently release a series of four full-length albums on cassette and several vinyl EPs and 12” vinyls. The albums included Superstars (1993), Threesicksteez (1995), From the Waxcabinet (1996) and Punx Not Dead (1998). By the time the group started its own record label called David Vs. Goliath (commonly referred to as DVSG), they were also able to land a big distribution deal with Burning Heart Records.

The release of the group's first big studio album, Modern Day City Symphony came in 2000. Under the group's original name Looptroop, they released two more albums, The Struggle Continues (2002) and Fort Europa (2005). After the Fort Europa tour Cosmic dropped off to focus on other things than music.

The group then changed the name to Looptroop Rockers which already had been their unofficial name since the late 90’s and they released their fourth album Good Things (2008). A couple of years later Cosmic found new energy and love for making music again so reunited they released Professional Dreamers (2011), Mitt Hjärta Är En Bomb (2013), which is their first full length album in Swedish, and Naked Swedes (2014).

Make sure to follow both the DVSG & and also DJ Large for more upcoming tapes & great instrumentals from the Swedish based crew.

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