KLIM - Springtime

Official Artwork - Kvadrat

The new, Spring album produced by KLIM (Kiev, Ukraine) is here! A collection of 16 amazing tracks has been put together for you to enjoy while we are waiting for the summer! In the preview, i did around 2 weeks ago, i told you i was so amazed that he's actually releasing his 5th album this year, and i think his work flow is absolutely stunning. I've been speaking to a few beat makers around the world, and i know there's some really big collaborations coming along now, after this album is out - he's focusing on working with more people and also attending shows around the globe.

We are going to meet up with KLIM in July 14th at Barbara Bar located in Kiev, i'll make sure to post more about this very soon - but now! Let's enjoy this fantastic new album. Make sure to support this guy on all the platforms you're using - he truly deserves all support possible!

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