REVSN - A New Day

Official Artwork - 'A New Day'

This is the first, catalog release from the guy who's been a part of the movement the longest time. Today, we're releasing his debut album - and I couldn't be more excited. 16 minutes of just pure relaxed beats from Los Angeles, US. This is the absolute perfect blend of tracks if you're just chilling down at the beach or just need to go offline for a moment and remove all stress around you. The project has been mastered by Introts and you can also see a feature with Divine Sun and both are close friends of his.

Every event we've held in Los Angeles has been made possible due to of REVSN since he's been scouting the locations, being in contact with owners and the last show we had was in a Barber Shop but they totally rearranged the store to make it work as a location for a live show. If you'd like to see the recap (of our 4 events), recorded by Silas The God it's available here.

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01. Friends
02. All the Birds Ft. Divine Sun
03. Living in your Dreams
04. With Me
05. First Time Butterflies
06. Love Trees
07. Midnight Run
08. Mimosas on the Beach

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