Dash - Slight Ease

'Slight Ease' by Dash - Official Artwork

The newest member of the movement has decided to share a 4 track EP with us. Titled 'Slight Ease'. He's located in Bucharest, Romania and while he's not making beats he usually do DJ Sets and he's also a part of the On The Side Vibe movement. I really look forward to see what more he can come up with since he's really blending together that classic 90's flavored sound while adding that new lo-fi touch to it. He's incredibly talented on the turntables as well, so let's wait and see what exciting ideas he will bring!

Some words from the man himself - 'I started listening to hip-hop when i was in a second grade. A colleague of mine borrowed me a cassette with a local Romanian gangsta rap group. I started as a DJ for a underground hip hop group in 2006. Back then I was more into turntablism, a year later I started making beats. In fruity loops at first then i switched to the AKAI MPC 1000 by sampling my Paps’s old jazz, folk records

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