Bopscat - The Less U Know Vol. 2

The Less U Know Vol. 2

The second part of the series 'The Less U Know' is here! Produced and composed by the very talented Bopscat - From Medellín, Colombia. The sound is a bit different than the first one, it's a bit thicker & clean in some way. He's got a new approach of how his sounds should be put together and also a new mastering engineer for this tape. I'm really excited to see this one getting the shine it deserves, i think he always puts in a unique touch of vibes into his production and continues to give inspiration with ideas to others and also positive vibes.

I met up with Bopscat during the start of the summer in Sweden, and his vibe & attitude is just pure positivity. I really hope you can hear this reflection in his tracks that's now been published. A collection of 9 beats made for you to just relax with.

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