Mecca:83 & Monma - Radiate

Official Artwork

I'm really excited today, two of the earliest members on the movement just released a collaborative single that's available on all platforms. Both of them are working really hard at the moment to push their own catalog, so i'm just stunned how they managed to pull this off. I got really surprised when Mecca:83 hit me up and explained that they were finished, and finally it's here!

By now, you should be familiar with their style when they produce, Monma got that classic bounce & warm vibe and Mecca:83 is always onto some next level stuff blending references from both Hip-Hop and Jazz but still manages to make the beats sound very up to date.  

Last time, when we had the opportunity to hear them work together was during 2017 under the 'Life Sketches Volume. 03' project that was released under the catalog and it's starting to become a classic for me personally i'd say.  

Here's what Mecca:83 had to say about the collaboration:
I’ve been a fan on the man since he was going by the name MNSTRMKK on Soundcloud - his sound has been full of soul since day one. I originally reached out him for a track back when we were doing the Expansions Collective single series in 2015  (we released a track by him called “Wutai Bounce”).  We’ve been trading ideas, loops and sketches ever since, but we never quite finished anything...which is a common theme for me if I’m honest!  

With that in mind, I’m hyped to share this one with you guys. Who knows, if you like it we might finish some more joints! Much love.

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