Gonza - Write on Time (The Instrumentals)

Official Artwork: Luciano Brougham

Gonza recently teamed up with the MC 'Hakey' and produced the project 'Write On Time' - Now we have the honor of showcasing the instrumental tape on all services. I can also tell you all that Gonza is in his final steps towards releasing his upcoming album titled 'Episodes' that will be available on the catalog in just a couple of weeks. You can clearly tell Gonza really did study the flow & approach of Hakey's sound on this release and the beats might differ a bit than his usual sound, to a more gritty vibe but i really think he made it to perfection. You will be introduced to beat switches, funny skits, parts that's transitioning into different moods in a couple of seconds - this is 'Write On Time' The Instrumentals.

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