Berlin 64 project with ØDYSSEE, KLIM and Gustav Gustav.

Official Artwork: Luciano Brougham

We arrived to Berlin, Germany with a understanding and a goal - together we were to create the second release of our traveling experience EP's. It started out in Rotterdam with the project we did with members from the movement and now the second release is here. The tracks has been produced under a timeline of only a couple of days, and they were all made in the airbnb that we rented for our stay.

Seeing all of the members work, and seeing how they manage to work this quickly is highly impressive. All of the members are using different techniques, so this was super interesting to see. The french producer ØDYSSEE located in Paris, is using the MPC Studio while Gustav Gustav was fully using Ableton to produce and KLIM was without any computer at all, keeping it old-school using the MPC 1000 and they still managed to work easily - I truly hope you will enjoy this wonderful project.

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Berlin was such a nice city and all the people were super friendly we met up with. A special shoutout to Figub Brazlevič for dropping by during the last day we had there. I’m already planning new trips for the members to meet up and produce new tracks in. It’s really inspiring to see people from around the world give each other inspiration and new techniques to work with.

If you haven't had the chance of watching the re-cap video it can be found here.

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