ØDYSSEE & Flitz&Suppe - We All Know

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I'm so honored to be sharing this great collaboration from two producers i really enjoy listening to. Both of them has such a unique & mellow sound and i think it's just a perfect combination. The vibe, is really dreamy and the atmosphere in the beginning really takes you away to other places while listening. At this point, i'm not sure if we get to hear any more material from the two of them, but that's really what i'm hoping for - i think both of them are in the same kind of state while producing - giving the listener a great journey every time.

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ØDYSSEE and Flitz&Suppe

Earlier this year, Flitz&Suppe (Cologne, Germany) released his album 'Sandals' with Mr. Käfer and DDob i personally recommend this one. Taimles from Infinit blog put it really well 'The 11-track strong release contains finest lofi hiphop instrumentals with hints off R&B and Reggae here and there.' Press here to get redirected.

For ØDYSSEE - One of the most active in-house members in the movement, i think you all are very used to his sound, what to expect and you all are already showing great support from what i know. He's at the moment located in South East of France in a city called Grenoble producing tracks with Gatz and L'indécis focusing on upcoming collaborations. I know the whole year, he's been working really active to complete the work together with producers around the world. I know he's got a huge library of beats made with famous names in the scene. You can listen to his latest project he did in Berlin with KLIM & Gustav Gustav here.

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