Gustav Gustav - Daydreaming

Illustration (Waahiid)

I'm so excited to be sharing the incredibly talented producer Gustav Gustav new album titled 'Daydreaming'. Including songs with features from for example J Vibes, Rob Smyles and Heine Aabø. It wasn't a long time since i first met him, at the event we had in Copenhagen, Denmark hosted by Lars 'Kongchain', which we have each year at Byhaven - Pumpehuset. He did a set, which was really stunning, showcased a lot of his own tracks - i was really stunned, because even though he's younger than most members, he really adds a new flavor to the sound.

The production of his material, comes from inspiration of jazz, and more modern R&B vibes, which is highly unique in todays era i would say. Listen to some of the rhythms in this release and you will know what i mean with this. The only thing now, that can stop him from bending genres is himself i guess. I'm super excited to see what Gustav can manage to do in the upcoming releases because this is the debut album from him.

Enjoy the amazing journey of 11 tracks produced from the young danish talent, available on all digital platforms.

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