Amber Haze - La Casa

Official Artwork

Today, i have the honor of sharing 'Amber Haze' latest release titled 'La Casa' and it's really a nostalgic trip to the  aesthetics of the eighties but combined with the sound of today with heavy hitting 808's and punchy kicks. He will take you on a journey, in luxurious vibes and even though it's a instrumental tape i would say he is one of the most talented producers in building a story while listening, he's always sampling stuff from different environments, movies, tv-shows and implying them in a genius way to the storyline of the release.

What most people don't know, he's actually located in Pearl City, Hawaii, which is pretty rare i would say since i can't name many other producers that makes this kind of beats located there. I know this one is a bit different, a bit more bass heavy, but - the most important thing when releasing stuff on the catalog is to give it that attitude, the will of wanting to change how you're "supposed" to be producing and you can actually find your own trademark sound.

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