Max I Million - We Own The Night

Official Artwork

Today i have the honor of presenting the new wonderful album fully produced by the very talented Max I Million located in Stockholm, Sweden. A release filled with groovy bass lines, funky grooves and stunning sample chops. The album contains an incredible line-up with featuring guests - such as Blu, Twizzmatic, Planet Asia and TriState. Read more in-depth and his own thoughts about the release down below.

'We Own The Night' is the solo debut album from Stockholm producer and beat maker Max I Million. Known for his funky cross-breedings of classical Boom Bap and futuristic sounds, he has also made a name for himself as a skillful live performer using the MPC as his instrument.

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While Max has worked with an array of legendary emcees such as CL Smooth and Chuck D from Public Enemy to name a few, his instrumental work is colorful enough to stand on its own feet. This statement is proven to be true on We Own The Night, a soulful 12 track composition that also boasts the lyrical skills of Blu, Planet Asia, TriState, and Twizzmatic.

"The title refers to the night time theme of the project. I started working on this album during a period where I would stay up all night making beats, simply because that was when inspiration struck and I felt free from the chains of day to day life. There was something special about making beats while looking out the window, watching the cloudy skies illuminated by the city lights and snow covered rooftops."

Max I Million was a close associate to DJ Devastate who tragically passed last year, which also left its mark on the album. "I started contemplating on my own mortality. We can all just be gone suddenly one day. Also, after passing the age of 30, you start thinking about the legacy you leave behind for the world. I decided, I can't leave this earth before I've created something beautiful."While this might sound a bit grim, the overall vibe of the album is up lifting.

Starting off with a heavy hitting funk track featuring Max's side project and production duo Iceberg Sound System, the album then shifts towards a more classic Hip Hop vibe and finishes off with experimental soulful instrumentals that fulfill the concept - We Own The Night.

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