Cam The Downrocka & Lord Sina - The Recipe

Official Artwork - Gouge One

I'm so excited to be sharing the full length album of the very talented in-house DJ and producer 'Cam The Downrocka' and 'Lord Sina'. This release will take you back to the roots of hip-hop and the flavor is blended with old school drums & groovy bass lines.

What's first got you into music? Sina: It feels like hip hop was my way out as a kid sometimes. When everyone else was out on the streets playing like they are hotshot i was home impressed by Kool G Rap lyrics and my moms Ghorme Sabzi.

Cam: As a former b-boy and graffiti writer, i always used to listen and dig for breaks. I love the core elements in hip hop, and i still live by those. My beat making years started a lot later tho, around 2013. Before that it was all about battling and getting up.

Cam The Downrocka X Lord Sina 

What has been the most difficult process of producing the album? Everything was really very random, We both like to work in kind of the same flow. We are both classical dudes that enjoy the sound of the machines we use. That was what brought us together in the first place.

The name and samples used for the album just came along as we went on with it. It became The Recipe because of our different ways to cook things up, chop, sample and swing of the beats. It's like a big banquet of different dishes for hungry listeners. We live quite a bit from each other so the most difficult part was to try and get together and do the work. But most of it had to be done thru phones, FaceTime, mail etc.

What kind of equipment has been used for this project, and why? MPC 2500 for Cam, and the SP1200 for Sina. Vinyl records and turntables. Both Cam and Sina like to work and use the equipment that is more classic, mainly cause, respect for the architects before us. the sound, the feeling and swing of things and it just feels right for us.

What is your creative process like? Sina: An idea usually sparks in the record shop and evolves on the way home. The main inspiration are the giants of New York. Cam: It comes and goes, in the middle of the night, in the shower, or right before i fall a sleep, anywhere. The main inspiration is my past and the everything i used to do before this point in time. Music based on memories.

Whats next for you? Cam and Sina collaboration tape purely made on Cam's and Sinas SP1200, plus personal releases.

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