LOUDHOUSE x NINETOFIVE® - Moose Dawa & Aidinity

I've been speaking to the owner of Loudhouse for a while, he's one of my favorite YouTubers that i personally think doesn't get the attention he deserves. He's doing so much for hiphop in general in the 🇬🇧United Kingdom, recording music videos, documenting new artists and helps out with promotion and showcasing new music on a weekly basis.  Around 3 weeks ago, he hit me up on the Instagram telling me he was on his way to Copenhagen, and asked if i had any connections & producers  willing to show up and be a part of his new project he's doing titled 'A Day In'. I instantly told him about Moose Dawa & his partner in crime MC Aidinity and the rest is history.

MC Aidinity & Moose Dawa (Alleycat Studios)

Loudhouse jumped on the plane, got to Copenhagen, took the train over to Malmö, Sweden and linked up with both of them, recorded the first episode and now we finally have the chance of seeing the final result. Make sure to head over to Spotify and listen to Moose Dawa's catalog and i've also been told, him and Aidinity has a album on it's way - i hope you're excited for 2020 because i sure am.

Big ups to NINETOFIVE for hooking this all up, wouldn’t of been possible without them. Hope you enjoy this one. - Loudhouse.

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