ØDYSSEE & B Side - Blue Lounge

ØDYSSEE - B-Side (Instagram)

The last single of the year is here, a collaboration between the very talented B Side and in-house member ØDYSSEE. It's titled 'Blue Lounge', the second track they have made together and i'm highly honored to be sharing this one. I think both of them have such interesting style of production so whenever the team up the final result is always something that will surprise you. I would say, this song is absolutely perfect for a late evening out during the days now until New Years Eve.

Late Kiss is their previous work that was released during 2019 and can be found here. B-Side also released his 'Rosebuds' project during the year on that's such a smooth project, highly recommend you to check it out - press here to get directed.

I can already announce that there's so many upcoming collaborations  and individual projects coming out during 2020 from the french producer ØDYSSEE. He's been working very hard this year, and he's succeeded to finish over 14 songs with other musicians. Let's end this year, with this stunning collaboration, and thank you for the support you've been showing throughout the year - it's highly appreciated.

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