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I have the honor of sharing No. 06 of KLIM's series we started about a month ago and it's the final track of his EP titled 'Off Season'. KLIM has decided to share his most successful singles on all digital platforms. This song will end the project and now i'm really looking forward to the new year! Read the full biography about him down below while you're pressing play on the latest single!

In March 29 2010 - Kyiv, Ukraine producer decided to showcase his first release ever. Now a decade later, he’s considered to be one of the most sought after producer with a stunning catalog and work flow that does not go unnoticed. His mindset has been brave from the beginning, taking elements from the golden era, with that classical New York sound and blending them together with both classical records from eastern Europe & rare eighties joints.  Most people have experienced his songs in their headphones, but what might have gone under the radar is his skills while performing live on his MPC in front of a crowd. In 2020 he’s celebrating 10 years in the game and still going stronger than ever. During last year, he was a part of the Berlin 64 journey that became an instant success the day it was released.  

'A memory i will always remember is when we did the Rotterdam 79A journey, we were sitting in this beautiful apartment we rented during our stay - around night time, we were listening to records and just having a good time, and KLIM didn’t see what was playing, i was just exploring funk music from the seventies and KLIM tells me both the artists, titles and what tracks it’s been used in for sampling. This just proved me he’s definitely a natural when it comes to music and you can really tell he’s passionate about this on a different level.'

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