Amber Haze - Luxurious

Starting off the year with a smooth but still funky mix from the very talented producer who goes under the alias 'Amber Haze' which in my personal opinion really hasn't got the attention and word to mouth respect he deserves.

He's always on the chase for those big atmosphere type of vibe while adding samples or taking inspiration from the seventies. The same passion he has for music, also goes into cars - same as the member Kreatev which also released his exclusive set before the new year titled 'Cruising Zone'.  I don't really wanna announce too much when it comes to official releases yet. We're still in the planning phase for a lot of upcoming joints during this year and i know his focus will be more into production & working on his trademark sound.

I truly hope you had an amazing new years eve. I'm excited to see what the new decade has to offer, 2019 was great but i think with the support from so many new listeners there will be a lot more going on in 2020!

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