Hubert Daviz & ØDYSSEE - Suuurf

Official Artwork - Luciano Brougham.

It sure is a special day today, the french beat maker ØDYSSEE join forces with the Germany based producer Hubert Daviz to create this tropical and exotic beat 'Suuurf' which truly is a blend between ambient & funk. For me, it's the perfect start for the new year!

I've personally always thought that ØDYSSEE both produces tracks with a cinematic vibe, and this is really what i felt the first time i was listening to Hubert Daviz, so i would say this collaboration is truly something exceptional. I don't know if they are planning something bigger but this could definitely be the start of something great.

I would highly recommend you to check out Hubert Daviz 'Framework' for example, you can hear the cinematic vibe i'm explaining above, and also ØDYSSEE's 'Desired Things'.

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