Ex Samples in Italy, Bari

Photo taken during the BP Lab evenings. (Photo: Marco Rich Albanese)

The great producer and composer originally from Napoli, 🇮🇹 Sup Nasa has joined forces with U.Nico & Resilienza Records and now they are showcasing the ex samples & funk and soul in Bari. The event is being held at the BP Lab where they play the original samples from famous tracks that's become famous over certain samples and then discuss together as artists but also with the crowd. Personally i think this is really something that would be dope if more cities took the advantage of, because it will bring people from different genres into a discussion where they might learn more about the original music or the other way around.

To give a little more about the background - Resilienza is a record label based in Italy and the Netherlands and i've collaborated on releases in the past with them, such as Sup Nasa's 'She Made Me Buy An Orange Hat' in the limited edition cassette version.

Sup Nasa - in Bari at the BP Lab (Photo: Marco Rich Albanese)

BP Lab is a liquid laboratory of creativity in the heart of the Japigia district of Bari. It's more than a bar, more than a coffee roaster, more than a co-working laboratory or an event space. It's a multifunctional center with a high rate of creativity. Here we mix ideas, make experiments and enhance the energies of our land. BP Lab was born from the work of Barproject Academy: A showcase of the experiences gained in years of training, consultancy and events in the world of beverage and hospitality.

For me, the Italian beat scene has always been interesting. During the early days when i got into it, my first impression & inspiration was definitely the Beat Soup guys - recording amazing sets in beautiful locations all around Italy and now i feel there's more and more beat makers popping up showing their skills on the MPC & SP-404's. If you're nearby Bari, please don't hesitate to contact us or drop by a message to Sup Nasa and attend the pop-up shows they are having at PB Lab.

I also asked the member Sup Nasa to express his feelings towards the scene in Italy, this is what he had to say - 'I feel like it's growing more and more. We have some awesome beatmakers that are really pushing the culture forward and it's great to see how a networking is in the making, so that everyone can gain the right attention'

To participate in activities and events it is necessary to register.
For information visit their website. Photos by Marco Rich Albanese.

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