igory & Twenty Weeks - Tonedeaf

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On Wednesday i had the absolute honor of presenting and welcoming two of the newest member in the crew and they are going under the alias 'igory and twenty weeks'. Both of them hailing from Russia - inspired by soul, funk and smooth lounge. During last year they agreed upon a collaboration and the first trip for recording was to St. Petersburg.

The second meeting in Arkhangelsk, we're seeing Twenty Weeks traveling to meetup igory and now the finalization is to be made. 8 stunning soul tracks has been produced & composed by the great minds of igory & twenty weeks. We're seeing a totally different approach than their personal production. When they sit down and make music you can really tell they have an agreement on making more smooth, lounged style beats.

I would say, if you listen to igory's earlier production, it's heavily sample based, different moods and atmosphere and he's really talented playing around with the equipment he's using. Some tracks reminds me of the 90's but fully with a more up to date sound and works well in any situation really, if you're feeling down or really happy.

Tonedeaf in the making - igory & Twenty Weeks.

When it comes to Twenty Weeks, there has to be some more electronic styled production that has been a influence to him. He's not afraid of using a bit of overtaking 808's and playing around with percussions. Together they work incredibly well and the sound is truly inspiring to hear. I would recommend you to visit their personal profiles and listen & try to see my approach on this.

Their debut album can now be found on all digital platforms, you can press here to get directed to your favorite one. Since this is the welcoming of both artists, i highly appreciate if you show some love and support to both of them!


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