Mecca:83 Feat. Jonny Tobin - To The One

Official Artwork

Mecca:83, one of the first members of the movement has decided to share such incredible track with us today. It's a collaboration between him and Jonny Tobin and we're seeing such a mellow approach on this song. The jazzy atmosphere, beautiful vibes from the piano - i think this is such a great addition to the 'A Rise Collection' he decided to put out during 2019 on the catalog.

Here's some words from the man himself to hear about what his new track!

I've spend the past 10 years as Mecca:83 combining samples and live instrumentation, but this is probably the furthest i've ever taken it.  I should call this Jazz or Instrumental Hip Hop....pick whatever label works best for you. As long as you can vibe with it we're good!  A huge shout to Jonny Tobin who brought his piano chops to the table in serious style. This track wouldn't be nearly as special without him.

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