J. Raise, Jr - Lifted Quest

Official Artwork - Lifted Quest

I've been waiting for this day. Inviting the talented J. Raise, Jr from Italy to releasing a debut EP on the catalog. A member of the great crew Resilienza with two stunning previous releases titled 'Hi My Name Is Vol. III' and 'No Man's Tape' and now we're getting embraced by his latest tape 'Lifted Quest'. I'm so honored in showcasing more people from Italy since that was truly my first encounter with the classic SP-404 overused repeat effects and just broken beats in general. I'd like to give a shoutout to everyone in the beatmaking community there.

To read a bit more about J. Raise, Jr he's an Italian beat maker and crate digger, class 96’. He released his first productions in 2015 together with some local MCs before moving to different countries, Canada and the Netherlands, with the aim of expanding and growing his musical knowledge and network. His first weapon of choice since day one is the MPC2000 XL being also in most cases, the protagonist of his productions with a particular focus on drum programming. Student of the faculty of creative business, he started moving the first steps in the music business at an early age, collaborating with different record labels, both in the Netherlands and Italy as an intern and A&R.

J. Raise, Jr joined the roster of Resilienza Records at the end of 2018, releasing two beat tapes (as mentioned) in 2019 and collecting different appearances in many projects from rappers & producers around the world.

Production: J. Raise, Jr
Mixed & Mastered by: Master Buss
Artwork: J. Raise, Jr
Photo: Marco Meazza

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