Cam The Downrocka & Rach - Stereophonic

Official Artwork - Stereophonic EP (Cam The Downrocka & Rach)

Today i'm so honored in sharing the new EP titled 'Stereophonic' created by the very talented duo Cam & Rach. This really isn't what you expected in terms of productions, we've got two amazing turntablists that's been cooking up something very different. From my understanding, they started off using the MPC for one-shots (for example kicks & snares) - After that, they turned their Technics 1200's into a live work station. Everything you are hearing on Stereophonic has been recorded live and this is not your usual e-mail collaboration either. This was fully planned, and made live together.

After a few discussions with Cam The Downrocka, he mentioned he really thought this was something else, and i fully agree - How often do you see releases that's been made on turntables?

Cam The Downrocka & Rach in Stockholm, Sweden

Let me give you some more details on Rach - he is for sure a household name in Germany, and you might be familiar with his previous work. He recently held a guest appearance on the homie Figub Brazlevič & Alpha Digger Podcast 'Neck Cliché'. Press here to get directed. For Cam The Downrocka, i'm sure you're well aware of his recent release 'Travel By Day' mix that was actually put out a while after it's original release, but there's plenty of gems for you to take part in (also released on the catalog).

The 'Stereophonic' EP is here, and i won't be surprised when this virus situation is over, that Rach will jump on a flight to Stockholm or vice versa to create the Volume. II for this project. They've truly started something unique and both of them take pride in keeping the turntablism craft alive. Enjoy the release and let it take you on a journey when you press play -  Stay safe at home everyone!

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