Waahiid - Waahiid's Deli

Photo of official Artwork 'Waahiid's Deli'

So, it’s been around a year since we released the single ‘Twenty Five Joints’, the track that initiated this great journey. When I spoke with Waahiid in mid-2019, he told me about his process of making beats. Because his time is very limited during the weekdays, he’s managed to come up with very unique ways of getting his workflow. He carries his gear around the city, finding spots where he can create music & get inspiration from.

When you listen to his beats, you can feel a lot of different moods. Waahiid’s music will bring you both happy and melancholic vibes in a matter of seconds.
The album ‘Waahiid’s Deli’ has been crafted with full focus. There’s a new chapter coming along from the great producer, and I would say what you’re hearing is the first episode.

I don’t wanna throw shade at the previous releases, but from what I’ve spoken with Waahiid, this is the start of something else. A new highway to his future sound.
I had a long conversation with Waahiid yesterday, and one thing he said is that a lot of people don’t imagine what the real atmosphere is in Los Angeles. Nothing to do with how Hollywood portraits the city - it can get really gritty under the palm trees. When he mentioned this, I could actually see how this dichotomy fuels his music.

The store is open, welcome to Waahiid's Deli. Perfectly cut samples and funky drums! My favorite track at the moment is 'Bagel Dropped' but this is changing on a daily basis - there's so many gems!

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