Grey Killer - Endless Interpretations

Grey Killer - Endless Interpretations (Official Artwork)

I am so happy to be able to share this release with you all. If you've been around since the early days of the movement Grey Killer isn't really a new name. He's been one of the pioneers in this genre with minimal drums & a strong low end in his production and also one of the first members. In 2016 his debut was released titled 'Stages' and it became an instant success with such a fresh sound & different approach. Now we're seeing his latest EP titled 'Endless Interpretations' come to life and i can't really stop thinking about how he is able to redefine his lane of music he's working in. It can easily go from electronic influenced up-tempo vibes into 90's hip-hop snares but still maintain the great sounds from both genres.

Grey Killer's diversity in the genre is really special, i assume there's influences coming from the states that's been shaping his vision & love for hip-hop and then we have his local influences from St. Petersburg, Russia that's more directed towards bass & electronic styled beats and now the final result is 'Final Interpretations'.

Grey Killer (St. Petersburg, Russia)

I am truly excited to see what he will be continuing to cook up for us during the year, he's already released around 10 singles on his own to the catalog. One of my dreams is definitely to see him play live - to see what the sound is like, because the audio engineering on the tracks are really impressive - But for now! Please give his new EP a listen and share your thoughts.

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