KLIM & Smuff Tha Quiz - Waterfall

Official Artwork ‘Waterfall’ KLIM & Smuff Tha Quiz

For me, it’s always been kind of a dream to see these stunningly talented producers to join forces and make a track together. They’ve been a backbone for boom-bap beats for such a long time, and now we’re finally seeing them work on something. The track is titled ‘Waterfall’ and the art has been hand-drawn by ‘Same Sasha‘.

To get you up to date with Smuff Tha Quiz, i’d like to share some of his previous material. This one was made with the icon ‘Roland Jones’ titled ‘THE BANDZ COME‘.

For KLIM, i’m certain if you’re visiting this website you already know what he’s capable of and what his vision & style is. He recently put out ‘Snippets Of Life’ on digital streaming services including a limited run of 12″ Vinyl that has been now sold out. I would like to thank everyone that got a copy and supported the release.

The single has been released and can be found on any digital service, press here to get directed and listen to ‘Waterfall‘.

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