Mayamara - Lunar Blues

Official Artwork - Alexandrina Vishnevski

I wouldn't call this a debut, it's a new chapter for Beasty P with his name change towards 'Mayamara' and his project 'Lunar Blues' is the first release that's being released under this alias. It's a beautiful project that takes you on a journey with both warm & joyful notes and shifting in to a more melancholic vibe that you're familiar with the 'Beasty P' alias. There is five stunning tracks included in this stunning release, well aligned to go hand in hand with each other.

Read about his own vision for this release here: Night. Right at this time, my muse chooses to visit me, and I see no way to ignore her presence. Lunar Blues is a collection of musical stories. Here you can witness how I experimented with the rhythm section, instruments, and sound in general. There was no specific purpose enclosed whatsoever, yet I'm glad I've managed to create this beautiful "Lunar" soundtrack, or, at least, I think I have. Enjoy! - Mayamara.

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Production: Mayamara
Mastering Engineer: Julian 'Pouz' Deep

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