DJ Create - Laidback Selections Exclusive Set

Official Artwork - DJ Create

Today we have the honor of presenting this exclusive mix made by the very talented 'DJ Create' located in Malmö, Sweden. It will be a journey through great sounds and as he describes himself  'An early 90´s producer and Turntablist of Croatian descent living in South Sweden. Golden-age revivalist and crate digger. Lately diving into the electronic world as a Dj and Producer.'

Personally when i think of DJ Create it's precise cuts & teaming up with the legendary DJ Devastate, running their movement down in the south of Sweden. It's such a joy seeing this mix come to life, there's plenty of names in this one you will be familiar with, blending styles from hard hitting grooves then transition into laidback ones with smooth rhymes - You can truly hear Create has an ear for setting the mood correctly.

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  1. Max I Million Intro beat
  2. Figub Brazlevic - Time Traveler
  3. Why D - High on my girl
  4. Mono:Massive - Somewhat feat Aidinity
  5. Test - Green Stamps
  6. Emapea - Headphones Music
  7. Cam The Downrocka & Lord Sina - Sp1200 & Some Disks
  8. Figub Brazlevic - Treflip Fs Blunt
  9. Gorila - Akaido
  10. Vanilla - Summer
  11. Moose Dawa - Menti
  12. KLIM - The Mood
  13. Max I Million - Midnight Snack
  14. Dj Connect - Moving To Fast
  15. Freddie Joachim - Bustling
  16. Testiculo y Uno & Hulk Hodn - Nacada Drive
  17. Max I Million - A Slightly Different Monday
  18. Hulk Hodn - Icmeler
  19. Birocratic - Sleepyface
  20. Dj Large - Hope You´re Ok
  21. Jazz Spastiks - California (Never Been To)
  22. K Sluggah - One for Dev (1982-2018)

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