ØDYSSEE and Ian Ewing - Last Summer

Official Artwork - Luciano Brougham

In house member ØDYSSEE has teamed up with Ian Ewing to share this beautiful track titled 'Last Summer'. It sets the mood right away, and honestly it takes you back to your last summer, where life might have been a bit easier, due to no quarantine and restrictions - we were able to travel anywhere and enjoy life in a way we really took for granted. Seeing this track come to life, with such talent combined in the studio i'm just feeling so honored and blessed to share it with you, i truly hope you will enjoy the good energy and make sure to follow both of them on their journey.

Ian Ewing in the studio

Ian Ewing grew up a self-taught instrumentalist who has always been hungry to create musical ideas of his own. Upon entering college, he thoroughly fell in love with hip hop and the history behind it. This was his gateway into electronic beat production where he finds himself today, as he strives to create ambient compositions of sample-based sounds blended with his own instrumentation.

Ian has had the pleasure of working with some of his favorite producers of today's scene. In his short tenure as a beatmaker, his music has already earned widespread attention and support from music fans across the globe, including respected DJs and platforms such as Soulection, DJ Complexion, SiriusXM Chill, Indie Shuffle, and more.

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