KLIM - Vibrations

I'm very honored to be sharing KLIM's new album titled 'Vibrations'. A journey through precise chops & uplifting rhythms - Ten stunning beats that's been collected by the great producer & composer from Kyiv, Ukraine. We have had 3 weeks of preparing and the album is now live, including a limited edition vinyl 12" that's available to pre-order here.

A new music video for the track 'Natives' has also been released including the one titled 'Hunting'. See full video down below -  Directed by: volykartem

The artwork has been hand-made and cut together by the very talented Joe that's based in Nagoya, Japan, and has been making analog collages for about 2 years. Nature, music, and good energy are the main inspirations for his art, make sure to follow him here.

KLIM's cover being made in the studio.

The general approach of this new album to me, is just pure uplifting and energetic vibes - I always think KLIM succeeds in delivering stunning tones and ways to flip certain samples into something new and the final result is something you didn't expect from a certain song. In 'Vibrations' he really showcase the skills he got on the MPC 2000XL. Highly appreciate all the support we've received for the 2 first singles that was published under the catalog and we hope the album will make your day go by easier & make you in a better mood - Enjoy the Vibration!

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