Exclusive mix by 'John Memorex' founder of 'Beat Tape Co-Op'.

Official Artwork - John Memorex (Exclusive Set)

The Part. II of John Memorex appearance to showcase a mix for us all today. He's been heavily involved in promoting so many releases during the years, and i feel it's just right to show appreciation towards his movement. We've spoken from time to time, and it's always a blessing when he support all of the artists on the movement.

In the mix, you will hear many different vibes, of his favorite style & groove and they are all making your head nod naturally - He's for sure one of the great selectors of hip-hop beats out there with a long experience in the scene.

For over 6 years there's been daily activity on his website, which you can check out here - with recommendations of albums, singles, EP's and much more, a great source for anyone that enjoy hip-hop in general.

Make sure to leave a comment at the mix if you're vibin' to it. If you would like to donate to his movement - Press here. Share your new projects to his mail here.

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