Mayamara - Courage

Mayamara in Minsk, Belarus.

I'm honored to be sharing 'Mayamara's new project titled 'Courage'. The producer who are located in Minsk, Belarus has created this absolutely stunning release, with warm tones but also some that makes you reflect while listening. His inspiration for this tape, is for sure connected to some of the sad happenings that's going on in Belarus at the moment with dictatorship and also how people are being treated in bad ways. I would like to highlight this issue to everyone that's reading our website on a daily basis - to show support to the people located in Belarus at the moment.

Activists set off flares as they display a banner that reads: “Long Live Belarus” in support of Belarusian protesters in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The country is commonly known as "Europe's last dictatorship". Its president, Alexander Lukashenko, came to power in 1994 and has remained in office ever since. His government has seen human rights activists imprisoned, political dissidents silenced, and protests violently dispersed. His rule has divided the country.

Almost all my life I wanted changes for my country, and I do not give up hope that these efforts will one day bear fruit. - Ales Bialiatski

Take your time and press play on this absolute gem of music, and show your support to Mayamara and his country for freedom.

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